Know All About Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are industrial prefabricated cardboard boxes, mainly used for shipping materials and packing products and are also sometimes recycled. Cardboard, also called corrugated cardboard or extruded corrugated cardboard, is made by printing a mould on a rigid backing, which can then be filled with polyurethane or various chemical resins to give it a desired shape. Cardboard is more durable than corrugated cardboard; however, it is unable to withstand extremely high temperatures. It cannot also take humidity well and must be stored in dry conditions to keep it safe.

There are many different types of cardboard boxes on the market today book wraps, including pre-cut, modular, built-in, reinforced hardwood and flexible stock. Cardboard is a popular packaging choice due to its durability, economic benefits and variety of sizes, colours and designs. Cardboard is also widely used as an insulating material, because of its thermal properties. The type of cardboard that are most commonly used in pre-set-up boxes and other packaging applications are the Rigid cardboard boxes.

Rigid cardboard boxes are made from high density polyethylene, (HDPE), which has a very smooth consistency and are almost void of any tiny air pockets or air holes. These boxes have a raised lip, generally made of steel or aluminum and are commonly seen in the packaging of food. This ensures the boxes do not deform during transport or during storage. Most experts in packaging agree that this is one of the best packaging options for food as it has the capacity to withstand heat, moisture, chemicals and electricity.

Cardboard boxes that have a paperboard coating have gaps between their cells which allow moisture to pass through easily. Cardboard boxes that are manufactured using corrugated cardboard boxes have holes that are slightly bigger than the width of the box. The main advantage of these boxes is that it has a thicker paperboard cover and it is more cost-effective than plastic boxes. It is also known to be very tough as well. Corrugated boxes generally have a polystyrene layer that prevents any damage to the surface of the cardboard during shipping. However, there is a slight difference between the two varieties, wherein paperboard boxes can have a paperboard coating, while cardboard boxes must be made using a special type of cardboard postal boxes.

Apart from the packaging of food, these are also widely used in the automotive and cosmetic industries. Some manufacturers also use corrugated cardboard boxes in the home environment. Some examples include baby bottles, furniture and car parts packaging. The best part about using this material in the home environment is that you do not have to make too many changes to the existing packaging, since it can easily convert into a wooden crate.

However, in case your company requires wooden crates or other similar packaging materials for shipping, you should look for a good packaging materials supplier who can customize the corrugated fiberboard or paperboard into a standard size for easy transportation. This will require some additional expenses, since you would have to purchase raw materials, which may range from corrugated fiberboard or paperboard sheets, to wooden crates, metal boxes and other packaging materials such as tapes. In order to save some money, you can get your packaging materials from a company that specializes in customized packaging. You can ask them to cut or trim the corrugated stock so that the pieces would fit perfectly within the limitations of your box. You can then have these customized boxes printed with the details of your company, logo or a message. This is one of the most popular methods used in order to attract customers.


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